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CAD Interface Manager

Database platforms

Scalable and multi-user, multi-process architecture, independent from the commercial database, ELENA uses Berkeley DB open database architecture, cost-free and does not require any database administration.

Global networking

Wide range of use: ELENA can be used both in "standalone" and in "network" mode. The "network" mode is particularly suitable for those big companies who need to access the system from remote locations but still keeping a centralized installation and administration. For this mode, ELENA uses a WEB interface, which allows a remote access with no installed part on client's side.

Access control

In "network" mode each engineering site retains full control of their own data and, at the same time, roles and permissions can be differentiated for each user who works on the project. In "network" mode user authentication is done through Windows© Active Directory, so that redundancy of user names and passwords is eliminated.

Revision control and data compare

A powerful revision control lets user keep both working and issued versions of each piping specs. The atomic data model architecture can keep a complete history of the modifications operated on the single data and allows undoing the data modification from any point in time. Changes are automatically saved in the database. Changed data can be viewed by users through a powerful compare system.

Data and workflow management

ELENA uses the same source of data for all 3D modelers. Every update is managed by a global transaction and it is possible to discard any modification by executing a single rollback operation at any time.
Its controlled workflow reduces the impact of project piping specs modification thanks to a powerful system of modification detection.

Highly configurable

Data model and generation system are configured through a template which makes ELENA flexible and adjustable to the specific needs of the projects. Easy integration with external systems thanks to its modular architecture which is fully customizable through a powerful programming language "Python-like".

Easy-to-use user interface

Microsoft© Office™ Excel™ user interface makes the product learning curve quick and the product easy to use. Users interact with the database via familiar spreadsheet functionalities.

During each issuing process, besides the loading files in native format for 3D modelers, ELENA produces reports in Microsoft© Excel™ format for an easy review by the user and, on each report, modifications occured since the last issue are highlighted.