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ELENA is available both on Microsoft© Windows© 32Bit and 64Bit platforms and it has a wide range of use since it can run both in "standalone" and in "network" mode. The "network" mode is particularly suitable for those companies who need to access the system from remote locations but still keeping a centralized installation and administration. For this mode, ELENA uses an application server and a WEB interface, which allows a remote access with no installed part on client's side. The "network" mode is mainly used by big companies, while smaller companies can access ELENA directly on our servers, needing no installation by their premises. The following image represents a typical installation in "network" mode. Architecture

The Internet website hosting the client application of ELENATM with WEB interface (ELENATM Web Application) resides on the IISTM Web Server, localized on the DMZ. This server communicates with Internet through the http or https protocols, depending on the security level that shall be applied.

The Internet website (ELENA WEB Application) and the application server (ELENA Application Server) communicate through the HTTP protocol. The application server sends ELENA commands through Web Services that can be called with the XML-RPC protocol (XML-RPC is a call protocol to a remote procedure using XML for call coding and HTTP as transport protocol). The application server communicates with the storage server through the relevant ports set on the internal firewall. The application server and the relevant storage server are localized on the internal LAN and they communicate with each other and with Users' workstations through the policies of the internal LAN.

Physical servers shown in the image are an example only; they can be replaced with virtual servers on WMware© ESX architecture, or, for a minimalist configuration, Application Server and File Server could be installed on the same physical or virtual server.

In "network" mode, Users are authenticated by Microsoft© Windows Active Directory (via server LDAP), so that Users and their passwords do not have to be coded within ELENA database.