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Management and control of online tenders

Structure of the workflow

BidMan allows the definition of the complete sequence of phases required for the completion of the process.
The workflow requires the definition of:

  • Roles: they represent the groups of users that have specific tasks within the sphere of the process; for example, Project Managers or Project Engineers.
  • Projects: the set of supplies necessitated for the creation, the maintenance or the enlargement of the systems.
  • Statuses: these are the "conditions" in which the various entities involved in a specific competitive tender may exist; for example, commercial documentation "awaiting completion".
  • Association of roles/statuses: these are the criteria that establish which status passages can be made and by which roles.
  • Actions: these are the "behaviours" to be adopted as the consequence of the change of status of certain entities; for example, at each change of status of a supply, it is necessary to send the appropriate communications to the suppliers involved by email.

Each of the functions described above is determined by the System Administrator; furthermore, the system also envisages automatic transitions in response to specific pre-defined events. For example, a change in the status of the commercial documentation has a consequent impact on the status of the tender.