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Management and control of online tenders

Overview of the functions

Client side:

  • Management of the overall running of the application (setting of user interface, scheduling and configuration of maintenance emails, etc.).
  • Definition of the organizational structure of the process with consequent initial configuration of the entities and registries involved.
  • Creation, modification or consultation of the information.
  • Design of the workflow which the competitive tenders must follow.
  • Monitoring, maintenance and related archiving of the Projects.
  • Management of the individual supplies within the Projects.
  • Management of the communications towards the suppliers and the internal resources involved.

Supplier side (web interface):

  • Authorized enabling to participate in the competitive tender at the moment of the receipt of the invitation
  • Display of the types of supply concerned in the competitive tender.
  • Acquisition of technical and commercial documents published to evaluate the entity of the supply.
  • Sending of bids.
  • Monitoring of one's status within the competitive tender.